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Lyte Body Fitness Client Testimonials

"Lily has been my personal trainer for over 13 years. During that time, I have come to know her on a personal as well as professional level. I would vouch for her honesty, integrity, and strength of character. I recommend her highly as a personal trainer; as I have achieved a level of fitness and health far above what I had hoped for".
  - M. Kawer, Eastchester

"I have been working with Lily for several months now, and without a doubt, Lily is by far the best trainer I have ever met. Lily is not your run-of-the-mill trainer. I've worked with many trainers over the years and usually I pay a lot, make a commitment, get hurt and give up. Lily is just so different. Not only is she incredibly knowledgeable, she is warm and kind and delightful and makes every session fun, challenging, yet achievable. She understands the body and knows just how far she can push you to help you get stronger and to achieve your fitness goals, without letting you go too far, get hurt, or feel that fitness is unattainable. Lily adjusts every move to ensure that you are using the correct muscles in the correct way and with her expert guidance, I know that I will not hurt myself, but instead will get stronger, have more fun, feel better and be healthier. I tell Lily all the time that she is magical and that for the first time in my 58 years, I know that I am safe in her hands. My incredibly fit daughter comes to Lily whenever she is in town and she too agrees that workouts with Lily are challenging, unique, incredible and magical. If you want to work with someone who will get to know you, work carefully with you to understand you and what you need to be successful, then Lily is the trainer for you."
- S. Wiseman, Bronxville

I feel so grateful that I met Lily soon after she opened her new studio in Bronxville nearly four years ago. I was immediately taken with the beautiful serene space she has created on Milburn Street; I always feel a sense of peace come over me as I arrive. Since then I have had weekly personal training sessions with her. 
Now that I have entered upon my eighth decade, I know that Lily is responsible for the fact that I am fit and healthy, with the balance, strength and energy to enable me to keep enjoying activities such as skiing, tennis and golf without the injuries that have plagued me in the past.
Fitness and wellness are intertwined in Lily’s approach to exercise. Without even realizing it, I began to notice how important the mind body connection is in my everyday life. I have been amazed at how each part of one’s body responds when you connect to it. Being mindful of the way one’s body moves through space carries over into being mindful about the rest of one’s life.  Lily has been such a positive force in my life. Her positive energy deserves to spread far and wide."

- L. Folberth, Bronxville

"I love working out with Lily because I feel better, look better and enjoy exercising in such an attractive environment".
  - J. Lieboff, Bronxville

"Lily is a fitness expert who is careful, caring and encouraging. I always feel better after every session. She truly is wonderful!"
  - D. Munder, White Plains

"I have worked with Lily for the past several years and have found her to be an outstanding trainer. She is extremely professional, capable, and empathetic. I have seen a marked improvement in my fitness, balance, and overall health. I have lost a substantial amount of weight and improved my strength and balance. Lily works very hard to understand each client's specific issues, needs, desires, and she addresses them with care and professionalism.

She is constantly expanding her knowledge base and keeps it contemporary. She does not settle for the status quo but is always looking for new ways to help her clients and to improve the quality of her instruction.  She is determined to excel at what she does and to have her clients benefit from what she learns. Overall, I am very lucky to be working with Lily.  She is a wonderful person and an extremely capable trainer".

 - S. Kreek, Bronxville

"I have been training with Lily since 2006. I am in better shape now than in my 20s and have kept a significant amount of weight off. Lily puts her clients first. She listens and never does anything she doesnt think her clients would benefit from. Lily started with the basics and worked her way up with me. She taught me the proper form and as a result, I gained more confidence in myself. Lily also listened to my concerns and acted appropriately. She always has some new dynamic exercises for you. She researches new exercises and is innovative in her approach.

Lily is confident and is a firm believer in what she does for a living. I believed in her ability and am living proof of what you can achieve with the right trainer. I highly recommend her - she knows her trade and is an asset to her profession".
 - T.C. Rizzo, Yonkers

"I have been going to see Lily since October of 2012 and it has been an amazing experience! 

Lily has helped me both physically and mentally.  I have gotten to a place where I feel healthier and stronger and I leave our work-outs feeling terrific.

I will admit that when I first started, I was very skeptical of many of the things we were going to do.  I have tried exercise and dieting most of my adult life.  It was never something that I could stick to and do every day.  Once we started, I found that I was not “on a diet” but learning to eat more healthy foods and to be more concerned about the food I was eating and all its ingredients.   It is something that I now do every day.  The exercises were not overwhelming but helped me have a stronger core.   I have lost weight and I feel great!  I would highly recommend Lily - she is truly fantastic!"

- J. Fix, Eastchester

"Going to see Lily for a session is like escaping from the trials and tribulations of life into an oasis of non-judgment, increased flexibility and strength.

Lily is the anti-ego trainer. She pushes me with a smile but never to the point that I hurt or cant move. The hour flies by in a lovely beach like setting enhanced by essential oils used throughout the session. I feel leaner, stronger and more fit".

  - D. Hurwitz, M.D., Scarsdale

"I feel very lucky I met Lily when I did. She has been a inspiration in every way to me.  Her methods of helping me get fit have changed my way of thinking about exercise. Once bored and achy and constantly making excuses not to exercise,  to fit, long and lean with Lilly's guidance. She has helped me to get healthy mind body and spirit and I treasure her".
   - N. Pushkal, Eastchester

"After two accidents in three months in 2014, resulting in a fractured wrist, an injured back and a broken finger, I began to lose confidence in myself. I suddenly felt older.
I read an ad about Lily’s fitness program and had an instinctive feeling that it would be perfect for me. It has been.

Each week Lily listens to my issues. She works with me on those areas. She’s the best cheer leader I know. I am absolutely stronger, more flexible and balanced. I am at a better weight. And I definitely feel younger"!

  - K. Tashner, Bronxville

"I have been working with Lily for a few months now and I feel like a new person.  I have never enjoyed working out in a gym.  Working with Lily in her beautiful studio is a completely different experience.  I feel amazing both physically and mentally after spending an hour with Lily.  She is knowledgeable, inspiring, encouraging and compassionate". 
J. Rosell, Mt. Vernon

"Lily Martin is a knowledgeable, kind and gentle spirit that treats the whole person.  She does not run with the latest fad or quick fix.  Rather she helps the whole person get whole.  Whether your goal is weight loss, toning and conditioning or overall health she will help you get there with a plan for long term success.  I have seen her work wonders in my mother (77 years old) and myself (48 years old).  I cannot recommend her enough to anyone who wants to make a long term, positive difference in their lives. 

Thank you Lily for making such a wonderful positive difference in our family."  

    -L. Herrera, Eastchester